Our coaching staff are available to assist you in your objective to become a Lawn Bowler.
Please visit the club and make yourself known to one of the coaches who will provide up  to date instruction and suggestions to help you enjoy the game from the first day.

The Coaching Staff
Sue Gabel (Coordinator), Kevin Burdon, Carol Cosgrove, Bev Formby, Graham Grundy, Chris McCafferty, Judy Monsen, Frank Sauter  Chris Wright.    

Coaching Program  

Personal coaching is available every Saturday morning from 8:30am and Tuesdays from 2pm
Other days and times by appointment with individual coaches.

Refresher Coaching.  

Most if not all of us need to return to the drawing board to fix up problem areas and learn up to date techniques.
If you are have a nagging problem, look up one of our coaches and set a date for a refresher.
We have staff who are competent at all levels.
You may practise a lot but you may not be doing what is best for you.
Check your program with one of the club's coaches. 

Coaching Enquiries
For all coaching enquiries, whether Beginner or advanced, contact the club

Useful Hints

1. If you are unavailable for your coaching period please inform the club coach.

2. If at any at any time you develop an injury or suffer from an illness, please inform your coach.

3. If you do not understand what is said, ask your coach to repeat the statement or demonstrate  what  he/she is trying to get you to do.

4. Learn the rules of the game as you learn to bowl.

5. Bowls is supposed to be a friendly game, so make friends and enjoy yourself.

6. If you have, or develop, a physical problem please let your coach know so that he or she may assist by  recommending changes to your style and program.

Here is a list of well accepted rules and guidelines concernig the rules of etiquette for new bowlers, and experienced bowlers who often violate these common rules. 

The Etiquette of the game of Lawn Bowls is a combination of good manners, sportsmanship and sociability






Bowls Coaching
Stand out of the line of vision of the person on the mat and be sure that your shadow does not fall  across the aiming line. 

The Leads are responsible to return the mat and the jack to the club house.

It is courtesy to stand still at the head when the player is about to bowl. Movement at the head or  talking  at the mat end  is very distracting.

Walk as close to the centre of the rink as possible when changing ends so that you will not distract  the players on the other rink

When playing Singles, whether you have won or lost, be sure to thank the Marker and offer Him/Her a  drink.

Respect the Laws of the game, Be careful of your demeanour and be polite to your opponents.

Respect instructions given to you by your Skip and the decision of the Umpire.

Respect the Green surface. Take care to protect and conserve it at all times.

Other circumstances may include buying your opponent a drink after the game and remaining in the club house until the trophies have been presented.

These Courtesies are best described as the unwritten laws of the game. They are designed to promote sociability and friendship. They are the extras that    give our game its great charm and its excellent reputation  for friendliness and sportsmanship
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